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The body is imprinted from birth with an internal pattern programmed for wholeness and health. It is only when the body experiences trauma or “insult” that it leaves its original nature or “blueprint.” The body then begins a process of developing compensatory patterns to try to accommodate, if not overcome, the “insult,” to keep the body working, though not working optimally. This accommodation often shows up as intermittent or chronic pain or injury.

Dr. Edythe Heus

Dr. Edythe Heus is a nationally known chiropractor utilizing kinesiology who during 22 years of experience has embraced a holistic concept of health. She is the founder of the Heus System, a unique corrective exercise program and co-author of ProBodX—Proper Body Exercise, that seeks to maximize physical performance in any person. ProBodX—Proper Body Exercise is available at Dr. Heus is a thoughtful investigator whose diagnosis and treatment is based on specialized knowledge of the body's interconnectedness. Finding the point of origin of injuries, she uses appropriate sequences of exercise to improve performance and keep patients from coming back with the same recurring injuries. Dr. Heus has enjoyed great success, and works with many professional and Olympic athletes.



How Often Are You Dissatisfied With Your Results?

Dr. Heus’ goal is to free the patient from ongoing visits to health practitioners that only temporarily ameliorate and pacify a symptom. Through her knowledge of the kinetic code, Dr. Heus is able to follow the path of compensation the body has erected back to the original point of breakdown. She calls this the “Path to Breakdown.” Once back to the original insult, steps can be taken to clear the intermittent or chronic pain or injury to the body’s prime blueprint, returning the patient to health more quickly and easily.

The Greatest Tool for Returning the Body to Its Prime Blueprint Is ProBodX

By understanding the kinetic code, how human muscle sequence and movement patterns build on each other to maintain or improve body performance, Dr. Heus has made available a tool unparalleled for providing true fitness—the body operating and cooperating efficiently to do exactly what it needs to do to accomplish a task--speeding recovery from injury, and correcting any source of dysfunction.

Through ProBodX, you will recover, maintain, or improve wellness You will return to the state of health and wholeness: your Prime Blueprint! Just Ask:



“If you could only read one fitness book and do one exercise program for the rest of your life, ProBodX is it. It's like the fitness fountain of youth. There is nothing like it, Period”
Steve Finley – Anaheim Angels

“ProBodX quickly realigns my body after my events”
Ashirita Furman – Guiness record holder

“I play my cello best after ProBodX, it takes care of my whole body”
Anne Pollack – cellist

“ProBodX…. Nothing short of miraculous!”
Scott Rogers – Veteran Professional Stuntman

Steve Finley

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